• Obtain contract from your salesmen or call (765)-468-8020.
  • Read, sign and send back the contract to John P. Tinsman Auction Co. Inc., P.O. Box 338, Farmland, IN 47340.
  • After you sign a contract, you will be assigned a consignor number. This number will never change and can be used at ALL John P. Tinsman Auctions.
  • Your consignor number MUST BE WRITTEN on ALL of your equipment coming to the sale site. This will ensure that you are paid for your piece(s), this includes miscellaneous items also.
  • No equipment will be received at the sale site without a signed contract and a consignor number. Keys and Manuals, Fuel, Batteries & Tires.
  • Keys MUST accompany each machine. There will be a charge for every key that we have to provide & that charge will be deducted from consignor proceeds.
  • All manuals should be turned in to the auction office before the start of the sale.
  • Equipment should have at least a 1/2 tank of fuel, good battery & tires. If we provide fuel it will be deducted from consignor proceeds.
  • Write your consignor number on all pieces of equipment coming to the sale site, including miscellaneous items.
  • Inform your trucking company of your consignor number and give them a number where you can be reached if there are any problems or questions.
  • John P. Tinsman Auction Co., Inc. personnel will have equipment on site to help you load in and out at the sale site.
  • Turn in all title work to Office Staff in the office. It must be a clear title, and if financed, provide financial institute, contact telephone & address. (SEE DETAILED TITLE REQUIREMENTS BELOW)
  • You will receive an itemized consignor recap list from us listing the equipment you sold and the amount it sold for. Verify all information on the audit list. Contact us with any problems by fax at (765)-468-8025.
  • Payment will be mailed to you AfterTen (10) banking days after the last day of the sale.
  • All checks will be sent to the address listed on your contract and recap list. So please make sure that we have the correct contact person, company name (if applies) address and phone.
    John Tinsman Auction Company requires that titles are valid and transferable in order to sell your items. Titled items are trucks, truck tractors, asphalt distributors, boats, jet skis, ATV's, grad-all's, truck mounted drills, mounted directional boring machines and trailers. NO TITLE - NO SELL.
    Only U.S. titles are accepted.
    Turn titles into office, not yard manager or anyone else in the yard.
    All incoming titled items will be held in a quarantine area until a clear, valid and transferable title is received. If there is financial institution holding the title, provide the name, contact person, address & phone number to Auction Office for us to gain permission to sell it and how to settle the account. Once title is received for an item, it will be transferred to the selling arena. If not, it will not be sold on sale day. Thank you.